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The Location

The location was nice, it was held in an old Victorian garden, complete with a a very man made pool and pond that was suppose to look very natural. My husband and I drove up, along with my bestfriend of 17 years, we parked and slowly walked to the house. It was huge, yet empty. As we walked up the driveway a little boy came running up to instruct us about were to sign in. I was slightly annoyed by this kid... why I'm not sure. I think it could of been that he was a stranger, that we should of had our family doing the "wedding" jobs, or maybe I was just plain annoyed by his shrill voice and miss matched clothing. I saw the guest book and went to sign in, and there he was, waiting for our approach. He held out his hand. As I looked at him through my shades I felt the need to asked him demeaning questions, but I held back. I shook his hand and gave no thought to it. We sat down, the brides mother in the back row with my cousins (the brides siblings) and my parents. In the front row, my grandmother and her husband. The middle three were filled with second cousins and my husband and my B.F. The ceremony had started, my cousin, the brides half brother was to walk her down the aisle. He left the chair next to my best friend and went to retrieve the bride. My aunt gave me simple instructions for the photos I was about to take...her only. I complied. The brides side (which sat on the wrong side) looked as if we were in mourning rather then at a wedding. It seemed so surreal. Almost as if it did not happen. As the ceremony took place I found myself intrigued with a hawk flying around.

Then all of a sudden it was over... Wait! They forgot to ask if anyone objected. We all slowly stood up, his side full of smiles ours full of tears, not the ones that you usually see at weddings, these tears came from the depths of disappointment and sorrow. Why did we even show up, you may ask, to show him that yes, he took away out sweet "Rose" but we will always be here. We tried to avoid the congratulation line and my father found a back way. As my family went around the "backway" Rose and that man of hers ambushed them. Hugs were given and and then it was over. I stayed behind with some cousins of mine and my grandmother. My best friend and my husband waited on the sidewalk for me. I said my good-bye and as I walked out I passed the "cd" player that had their wedding music on it... how ironic, it started to skip. I met up with my family and Rose's sister. We gave each other hugs and shrugged our shoulders. What's done is done.

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The Wedding

You have to remember, this is my life ... my story. I went to my cousins wedding yesterday, yes she had her wedding on a Monday. I looked up wedding days andfound a website that explained that Monday weddings lead to wealth. I hope so, since he is a janitor and she, well, has no education after high school completed. I think what upsets me the most is that he is older then me and she is 20. 20!!!! My goodness. What was she thinking. He started after her when she was about 16/17 years old. Hello... red flags. Well he came from a "good" christian back ground and her last boyfriend was a "skater dude". My aunt and uncle saw this as a good thing... until he took up all her time. Then they forbade her to see him, lets say that didn't last very long. She was lying and secretly seeing him without anyone's knowledge... however, my family suspected it. You see, I was not an angel, however either was my dad. When I had a trick up my sleeve in high school, my father already had the trick diagramed out and even pointed out its short comings. He was good... thank God. Back to the pre wedding drama, she was caught, kicked out of her house and of course went running to him. (why him?) That was around July. It's December now... let's just say not a fave of mine... but that's for another posting. December 15th, the day after her mother received the news, I was told that she was getting married... In four days. That friday, she called me and told me the "news". She was going to leave the invitaion in my mailbox. She sounded as if she put together all her strength and energy to call and tell me. I did question the lack of time between the ceremony and the call. She giggled and stated that they are not going to wait and that they just wanted to do it. One compound word ... Bullshit. It takes time to buy the dress and arrange for the location and to have the dress altered... right?... or was it meant to be?

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