The other side...

The family on my moms side is interesting. The day before the "Wedding" my family went up to my grandmothers house. There, a odd grouping of family members awaited us. Second cousins we never see, an aunt ( and family) from Idaho, with a sprinkling of California Aunts and Uncles.
It started out with my husband and I eating way to many krispie treats and watching my grandmothers baby (odd shaped & overweight) chiuahauas. The night went on very well. It was a little odd to see this family together. Only half of my Aunts and uncles showed up. In my opinion, my parents are the best, most well rounded adults (aside form my husband and I ) there. I took pictures of all the couples, and lets just say my mothers sisiter and her husband have some issues. They did not get closer for the picture, they moved away form one another and my aunt made a sill face at him... in a very non silly manner. Family.

Letting Go (The Wedding/The Location)

This is it. Two days before Christmas and the family is incomlpete. My family is having a Hot Chocolate night on christmas eve, where we open one gift and our guests open thier gifts from us. Well, she won't be there. Out of this group of cousins, she is the only one not on the college track. One UCR grad, SDSU grad, soon to be UCSB, UofA, Fire Academy, and one who is still in High school and enrolled in college too. Then there is Rose.... I'm done. She is happy and my family will move on, and I will take this learn from it and pray to god when and if I have kids I raise them with the values and traditions my parents raised me with.