A long week has come to pass. It started out with a birthday party and has ended with a NJHS ceremony. I love my husband. That just came to mind. I don't think I tell him enough. My newly married cousin came to the party with her new husband. Sigh. It was a great party. It has rained so much here these last few days the party was held indoors... at my parents house. Note to self, it is dangerous to sit my bestfriend, my husband and my brother together. By the time the party was over I came to the realization that my family is perfect. Perfect in the sense that they love, respect and are always there for one another. Note to reader, family= mom, dad, brothers and husband. They are the greatest. I am grateful in all that my parents have instilled in me. I am grateful for the undefined love my husband has for me and I am grateful to have two brothers that are so funny that they never fail to bring a smile to my face.

Back to the party, my cousin is growing up so fast. It was her 16th birthday party. She also had her "boyfriend" there. I think he scares my uncle. He looks like a typical Chicano. He was very well mannered, spoke clearly and seemed like a true up- in -coming intellectual. He reminded me of my dad and husband. I hope she sticks with him... at least till college. Then it all about the books, not the boys.

Long week, must sleep.