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My House, in the middle of the street

My house, or better yet my street has a history of drama. After My husband and I had brunch, we went to the animal shelter to look at dogs and puppies. On the way home there was a freight train stopped at a rail crossing. We had two options, wait or backtrack and go around four blocks and up 7 to get to our house that is located on the other side of the tracks four houses down. We waited. As we waited I noticed a car driving on the dirt (off the street) and it looked as if it was going to attempt to go around the rear of the train. The train had to move forward four rail cars and it would have cleared the crossing. This vehicle was impatient and thought they would go "off road". We were tried of waiting and went around to get to our house. As we drew near our home there was the vehicle, stuck. The freight train began to move and traffic flowed through. Many good Samaritan were trying to pull the Blazer off of the tracks. I called 911 and told the police what I saw. They said that they were on their way.

Suddenly that all too familiar horn began to sound. The Metrolink, a commuter train was approaching. I called 911 again. I told the dispatcher that the train was coming, at the same time people where yelling, women screaming and the men began to push and pull and then suddenly the train appeared....and stopped... 100 feet from the vehicle. The 911 dispatcher asked what was going on... I told her the train stopped, the car was moved and the conductor was hanging out the door.

As fast as it started it was over. Everyone continued on their way and just like that it was back to normal. As my husband and I were making our way into our home the cop showed up. I told him what had happened and asked if he needed anything else, and he said no.

A little late man.


I started a painting aroud Christams time, yet I have not returned to it. I think work has been draining the hell out of me. In order to "de-stress" I have scrapped booked. However on that note I'm still scrapping July and we are in the last days of February.