If you would like to use my pictures, please write me for permission. I would greatly appreciate it.

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If you would like to use my pictures, please write me for permission. I would greatly appreciate it.

Where myth and truth cross

The next three posts are random reflections of my life.

Where myth and truth cross - The Wedding

I know weddings tend to be somewhat out of control, but you know more or less who was invited. We had two strangers show up to our wedding. They seemed happy, but once again who were they? Were they there to see us marry and turn into an aging couple that would soon slip into professional conservative lives? Were they there to wish us luck? Were they there to mark but another chapter in our lives. Who knows.

Where myth and truth cross - The Event

My husband, my boyfriend at the time, went to an event sponsered by the group I mentioned in the last post. As we were exiting the event I just so happened to look up at the night sky. It was at least 11:00 pm, there on the roof of the admin. building was a person dressed in black. They were at least 7 stories up on the roof with what appeared to be a camera. I informed those around me and we went into the shadows. We all confirmed their was a person on the roof. They were taking pictures of the event/people/etc. I then walked out into sight and pointed at them. They ran out of sight and we all took off. At least the veterans of the group.

Where myth and truth cross - The Van

Sometimes when I think about my college years I try to separate what really happened from what I think happened. I know this does not sound very stable nor educated, however it is a dilemma I face. When I first meet my husband he and I were heavily involved in a student movement organization. We joked about being followed and watched due to our connections and organizing. We went out with a friend of mine and joked that the white van parked across the parking lot was the authorities there to watch us. We laughed about it. We went on further to say that they are probably listening to us as well. Mind you the van appeared empty and was not moving. We mentioned that we were going to go look inside and at that moment it took off. No one ever got in. Coincidence... who knows.

RoAd TrIp

My husband went to Descanza Gardens, located outside of Los Angeles the other day. He brought back the site map and a spring "program". It is beautiful. We are planning on going in two or three weeks. By then hopefully the bulbs and iris garden will be in full bloom. We are going with some friends of ours. The same ones that went to Victoria Gardens with us. I'm looking forward to it. : )