My husband

I spent the whole day Saturday cleaning the house. The wood floors, the bathroom, the office...etc. My husband, the wonderful man that he is, took it upon himself to go grocery shopping. He grilled chicken for dinner and made baked potatoes. It was very yummy! I finished cleaning and went to bed. Then today I went shopping with my mom and spent the day walking her through the new technology. Once again my husband was great. He stayed home and cleaned out the pantry, organized and mopped the floor. He always asks " why do you love me" when I tell him "I love him". Well this is one of the many reasons why I do.

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My Mom and Technology

Not bad for her first time. This is the view from her back yard. My father and brother were flying kites below as my mother and I ( I have the same type of camera) took pictures. It was a mother/daughter photo lesson 101.

My Mom & Technology

My mother and I went shopping today. Not for clothing, household items, but for technology. She had a open P.O. for Best Buy and it was time to bring her into the modern world. We had our shopping list ready, the prepaid credit card and were on a mission. I set her up with a Cannon S1 IS, a card reader, flash drive, a larger compact flash card, rechargeable batteries, a camera case, and photo paper. When we returned to her home we started practicing with the new "toys". She did pretty darn good. Within one hour she took pictures, transferred them, filed them, and printed them... while baking cinnamon rolls. She's good.