My Friend & Divorce

Lucy and I have been friends forever. We met when we were 10 yrs. old. We have been friends ever since. It's going to be 18 years come this fall. Lucy's marriage is falling apart. I take that back, the car has hit it and it is scattered all over the freeway for all to hit, smash and demolish into small un-recognizable pieces.

I don't even know where to start. The end has been coming, however it has gone from a ball rolling down a 155 degree angle to a ball rolling down a 90 degree angle. He, her husband is now staying out all hour of the night into the wee hours of the morning. They have two kids. He even has a girlfriend now.

She does not love him, she told him this. I guess he went out to find love. I can understand that because she has carried on an emotional affair before that he knew about, however she did not stay out all night all morning. Over all it is an unhealthy set up. I can't blame either side. They both have brought this on themselves, however he is now effecting the kids with it. They know that he does not come home.

She is filling for divorce in two weeks, then he has to leave. He said he needs till May. I'm getting her the moving boxes. We will have him packed by April 6th.

He asked her to pick up gel the other night, he was going on a date.

It took me along time to like him. It was our Senior year in High School and she came up to me before I had practice for Field Hockey and told be she was pregnant. I cried. My first thought... Statutory Rape. He was 21 and she was 17. He was un friendly and he took her away. I went to college and met my husband and slowly merged back into one another's lives. He was not the ideal stable guy, but come one who is. I grew to like him. I even stuck up for him many times when she was ready to give up. Over the last year I have lost faith in him. They can't fix it. They have tried and I see no hope. I have a lot of faith in marriage... not theirs.