Last Thoughts

If you would understand anything, observe its beginning and its development.

It's late... for a Monday, I feel a bit ill and should go to bed. Hopfully El Taquito will fix it.

Well Then!

I just realized that Blogging is very similar to scrapbooking. I'm hooked on both. These pictures are just windows into my life as a whole. Reflections of what I see everyday.

One day I'll be able to paint like this. Painter Unknown Posted by Hello

One of my paintings. Posted by Hello

He's keeping up on his studies. Posted by Hello

~~Karel~~ 7 Years ~~ My Baby~~ Posted by Hello

**Timba ** 11 months Posted by Hello

My Husband at the gardens Posted by Hello


Another photo from the gardens.


I just wrote a great entry and the damn Blogger server went down. What a waste of time.