The neighbors young rotti keeps getting out of their yard.

I want another puppy

My husband just took her back to their yard

The owner said the magic words... "I'm sick of this puppy, do you want a puppy"

My husband said, "don't say that around my wife"... I hope she does.

We forgot to buy the Easter Egg Color set. Oops. Posted by Hello

An April Picture Posted by Hello

He does not hear ME!!!!

I have a co-worker that is so dense sometimes it kills me. I had the opportunity to let him go and the higher ups were "going" to back me up on this. I went in with the intuition of cutting the dead weight, however he began to divide the company with his one side. I was not about to let DIVA become tarnished. He still is on, with conditions... I think this was a big mistake, but it was my call, so now I have to deal with it... Document, document, document.