I am not sick
I am broken

Pets filled her life. My Husband and pets fill mine. Posted by Hello

my tears of sadness and joy.

My husband was online today and was IMed by a very dear friend of ours. We'll call him Juan. Juan and his girlfriend "Jennifer" are graduating this month. Juan with a masters and Jennifer with a B.A. They were in our wedding. My husband and I are going up to the party at the end of this month. They live on the outskirts of San Francisco. Well, he asked my husband if we were attending the party and he replied yes we were, then after a few more lines of text came the words "two soldiers"... Jennifer is a twin. They are expecting twins.

See, just after writing that last line I paused and watered up again. I'm so happy for them that I feel it in my heart, yet I cry also for myself. I want children, but don't see them in our future. I can't even picture it. I feel it, but can't see it. Just writing this, I can't stop crying.

Times UP!!!!

Lucy's husband informed her, at their daughters birthday dinner on May 10th, that he was going to file his "contesting" paperwork on May 11th. Remember they are getting a divorce and my husband and I served him the paperwork at "Del Taco". Well anyways, she politely told him that he was to late. His 30 days ended on May 8th, and since that was a Saturday, it was really over on the 6th of May. He didn't read his paperwork, he did not listen to the mediator and did not listen to Lucy's hints. We knew this was going to happen. Let's hope the judge gives her everything.

Side note, he got mad and called her names in front of the girls and left the house. He didn't even have the composer to sing "Happy Birthday" to his daughter.

What a Day

We had what seemed to be a dozen representatives from various business pitching their ideas to my company today. I didn't have to work much, however listening is the hardest work one can do. It reminded me of the career days I used to have in middle school. After this I had a meeting with my staff, a meeting with the company staff and then a meeting with staff from other divisions of the company. The third meeting was the best, connections were made.