Leukemia Kitty. My Manx died around the time he showed up at our door. He is a stray that has adopted our front yard. It was not his fault, but I needed someone to blame. Hence the name Leukemia Kitty.  Posted by Hello

This was a fast bird! Posted by Hello

~ My yard ~ Posted by Hello

My first strawberry. Posted by Hello


Lucy went to court today. The Judge gave her what she wanted as far as child support. They have one more court date in Oct. Then it's over.

Feliz Cump...uh...Birthday

Savannah thanked me for the help I gave her on her "mission" project for class. She's a sweet little girl. She's Lucy's daughter. Her Birthday was on Saturday. My husband and I went to her house to decorate for the party. It was a luau. Everyone showed up and it was great minus her soon to be ex. He was totally rude in a "I'm dumb so don't blame me" manner. He told his daughter that she was no longer to invite friends from school because they "suck". He continued to say they "sucked" because they never show and they were not true friends, at the same time her friend from school said "I don't suck". He then explained that she was like family and that all the other friends from school "Suck"... Intelligent. He then went on to warn Lucy's brother in law of the dangers of marring into the family and that he should keep his eyes open, more so now since they have a baby. Then he went on to say the baby has "cankels" ( large ankles a la Hillary Clinton). He kept grabbing them and was relentless. He even asked me what I tought, I replied "I don't know, I don't have kids". He went on to say he has kids and he knows this, that he asked me again and I once more replied "I don't know, I don't have kids".

Cake anyone?