Something is always going on across the street. If it's not cars getting stuck on the tracks it's horses walking freely along them. Somebody call the ASPCA. Posted by Hello

: ) hour

I attended a Happy Hour with my co workers. We have found the ideal place for this and the last two times we have enjoyed every moment of it.

Names Have Been Changed.

Colnie and her husband, Fennijer and her Husband, Laup and his wife and My husband were in attendance. Miss Mary and her "man" were there along with her best friend and husband. We were missing Lucy and Rissa this time. It was great. We munched, ate and chilled. Our husbands get along so well. I love the fact that my husband and I have people similar to ourselves to hang with. I love it.

A little commercial...shhh... don't tell

I purchased a shirt this weekend that said "I'm a Bree" . At work yes, at home no. I think that's the problem. I'm not balancing the two very well. My husband is so good to me. He has noticed this train wreak coming and has tried to ease the damage. Well, I'm coming off the tracks.

Full Moon

I had a total melt down today.

No not a crying melt down...

I had the longest anxiety attack. I get them once in a while. It starts out with my neck hurting, then it crawls into my chest and starts compressing inward, then it slowly fills my ears and I just hurt all over. The pain started moments before I left for work, on the the freeway to work and while at work before I left for an off site meeting. I think it was a total of twenty-five min.

I reluctantly told three of my co workers. One at site and two at the meeting. They are three of my closest co-workers. I wanted them to know In case it came back, or worse, if it was something more and I had a total shut down.

Always be prepared... There is a full moon tonight. I had time to look up.

sigh... what the hell.