Push Pause

In the rush of leaving on Friday and not getting back till today, Monday there has been something on my mind... it comes and goes. It's like a whisper that you can't hear and yet you know it's there. My co- worker and friend "Laup" was given some "unclear" medical news. You see he fell at work and had to go to the company doctor to do "paper" work. Well they x-rayed his leg and an un -identified mass showed up. He informed me Friday morning of this. Between a work project and leaving for San Fran, I did not get any time to talk to him or even reflect on it. His wife made him an appt., however it's a few weeks away. I wish I could of taken them with us to San Fran. I could not imagine what she felt when he told her of the probability ... My husband is the world to me. I could not imagine.
I'm hoping for a miss diagnosis. I was at one time. They said I had a tumor in my ear, my husband, boyfriend at the time, was devastated by this news. I went to a specialist, the original diagnosis was incorrect...

Hayward- San Francisco

We drove up to the Bay area Friday night after work. It was a hard drive, due to working that day, packing that afternoon and leaving that evening. Overall was it worth it? Yes it was! :)

Points of interest... to blog about later
1. The Drive - Friday
2. Hayward - Saturday
3. The Party - Saturday
4. San Fran or as they call it the "City" - Sunday
5. Short Eyes - Sunday
6. The Drive Home - Monday