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My husband is signing in the living room. He's getting better at signing and playing the piano. I love him. His birthday is coming up. He feels a little bummed and does not want any inch of a party. I asked him about a B-B-Q, he said no. A cake, no way. Hopefully he'll feel better. I think it has to do with mom. He says it's his Masters and lack of sufficient jobs. It could be both.

He's feeding our cats... I just saw them run from our office into the kitchen. It's time for bed.

He's talking to himself in the hallway... it is the job... he's talking shit about his college jobs...now he's over my shoulder reading this and laughing. I guess I was right... that's why I'm his wife. :)

Hayward- San Francisco Part 2

Hayward... how cute.

To Be Continued... I'm tired.

I'm rested.
I liked Hayward. Everyone was so friendly and considerate. I had a great time going to their little downtown area. My husband parked and walked around. It is very clean, perfect weather( at least while we were there) and it was so green.
We stayed in bed late and went to eat before the party. It was very relaxing compared to our regular lives.

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Push Pause II

Laup came by this morning. He did not look good. I noticed that He walked into my office. I walked in an there he was sitting at small desk that I have in the middle of the room. He then shared his weekend with me. On top of the possibility of having a tumor a friend was sent to the hospital. Laup and his wife are the god parents of this girls baby. They are very tied to the family. She fell asleep at the wheel of her car and hit a tree, head on. Laup looked so stressed. He and his wife were at the hospital all weekend, and they were going to stop by after work again today. I don't know what to tell them. I can listen, I can hug them, but other then that I feel so powerless. I wish I could comfort them more.

They are good people.

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Hayward- San Francisco Part 1

We took off at 8:30 at night after work on Friday. By the time we left our local area it was already 9:00 pm. My husband drove the first 200 miles and I drove the last 200 miles. It was long, dark and there was nothing around. Overall the drive was, well a drive. The only thing that freaked me out was Pacheco Pass (158). As I was driving it became very windy and it sounded as if hundreds of tiny rocks were hitting my truck. I thought of the damage it was going to leave on my paint, however I did not dwell on this because it was scary as hell. I just wanted to get out. When we got to Hayward I purchased a map of Cali and looked for a new way home. There was no way that I was going back through there.

When we returned home we stopped by my moms and ate. My brother informed me that the pass was a battle ground for natives, a slave route for the missions, then pass for the 49ners. Those rocks... never touched the truck... no damage. You conclude.