Upside Down

Since the blogs are read bottom to top this goes along with the opening of the previous post.

DIVA had a showcase event last night. The one under me... the "one" I have mentioned before, the one that I kept on and should of let go ... that one... well I put him in charge of advertising. He made these horrible flyers. My interns, who are young in this bushiness could not believe the work. I kept that famous smile on and said... "the paper is nice". The flyer was plain, the main event was off centered... and damm it I gave him a sample copy. On top of it all he had someone else run the first run, and it's not even in this persons job description to do so. She was complaining about it and in turn it gives DIVA a bad name... we are not a loose end division... but we look it. I keep telling myself... Delegation of work is a healthy thing... but then again this might be the end of me... or at least that's what my husband has said.

Oh and one more thing... He became very upset when I spent the money in our division account.. told our secretary that I lied to him... got into it with him... had the secretary find him more money to spend... come to find out ... he never filled out the forms correctly and told the secretary to cancel it because he could not find the ecatolog to fix the forms.... ANd today when the shipment came in for DIVA.... He was grateful... when I asked him about his order... The reply was "the shipping and purchasing dept. lost it". He didn't care..when I told him that they were wrong about losing it and something should be done about it. He brushed it off.

He's a liar

Little does he know, the secretary makes a copy of everything. So I'm going to "find" it for him and play dumb... and simply say... "I don't get it".

Document, document, document.

His Birthday - He won't spend Money!!

My life is so hectic, yet it is nothing I didn't expect.

Does that even make sense?

Today is my husbands B-day. He's in the living room playing the keys and singing. I'm so tired. We went to eat and pick up a cheese cake for his birthday. We had to compromise with the candles. We did not have the right kind. I had to use a 28 candle set. He's 29. I wrote a 9 on the side of the 8. We're silly.

I gave my husband $150 to spend for his birthday. He never spends money on himself. SO I told him I wanted to see products and receipts. He spent ..... under $20. He had all day. Now I'm going with him to shop... we agreed that Amazon counted and he's going to spend a little there.

There was a kitten outside my office today... it was being chased by birds. I sent one of the interns after it. It got away. I gave a kitten to my husband last year after our manx died. Another kitten would of been nice... hmmm that would of made 10.

Happy Birthday Baby.