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Flip Flop

My last written post was a little sad, so I added pictures that made me smile.

The point is the post dealt with June 17th and yet the pictures are from May 28-30th.

Oh well, life happens... and then we revise it in our own manner.

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Lost, Alone, He's Gone, Move on...

A key player in our organization left to new pastures today. It's hard to imagine the next "fiscal" year with out him. New players will step up to the plate as he says and life will go on. "Lewis" was one the first to be suspicious of me and one the first to bond with me when I started at the company. He will be missed. Lewis is moving out to Tenn. and I secretly hope one day he will return.

The problem is that I'm afraid that as the days go by I forget what he looks like, others will come in and take a prominent role in the organization and he will then be a memory that I try to keep, but that would eventually will fade and blend into life as it moves on. This just the start of my career, how many faces will I run through?

Finally, after all the weeks leading up to his departure, the departure of my friend, am I accepting it. I'll miss him.

Music is playing, as I wipe the tears away... it's a parody song of Song in a Spanish metaphorical sense. Lyrics such as "She grabbed my chorizo".
As always, my husband un beknown to him, has found a way to make me laugh and I know at this point life goes on.