My brother and Paul Sr. at Universal. Southern California... typical. Posted by Hello

On Friday June 17th my husband, Laup and my brother ( and others) went to Universal for our yearly trip. Posted by Hello


I forgot to document the latest drama at work. I went back to the office with Lucy to turn in some paperwork and I saw the "boss" I asked to speak to him. The Thursday before my vacation a fellow co-worker came up to me to ask if heard about the "letter". I replied that I had and Little J (who does know about the Letter) played innocent. I explained that I had some knowledge of it and wanted to know what she knew about it. The co-worker explained that my DIVA associate told her that my friend "Lewis" wrote it and that he confessed to writing it because it was his last day at work. I was so pissed off at that point. For one it was a lie and two what the hell is he thinking...
I assured her that he did not write the "letter" and that he wrote a letter stating that he did not give permission for someone else to to use his name. She looked at me if I were not being truthful. I went on to say I should know... my name was used and I know who did write it and
won't come forward. Damn coward.

Anyways... I told him I was deeply appalled at the notion of one co-worker spreading rumors about "Lewis". I went on to say that it was wrong because "Lewis" was not here anymore to protect his name. I went on for a few minutes and then "a phone call was made". I least he told me there was one going to be made