Clean Sweeping

Okay, that last three days of my life could fit into a TLC or HGTV program. Gardening and Cleaning. All I need to do is go some where far and I could be TRAVEL Channel.

The three photos below and the post w/ a photo all go togehter.

We also went shopping, visited the office and went to El Taquito for lunch.

Of all the things we found in that room... this one wins. : ) Posted by Hello

BEFORE ~ We worked hard. Read the "Clean Sweep" post, it explains this photo. Posted by Hello

AFTER ~ However we are not done ... a little more.  Posted by Hello

Clean Sweep - The girls room

Lucy has been really busy these last few months. With the divorce and her new job at my company, she lost control of the girls room. I have to give it up to her, of all the things a women in her position could lose control of, this was the least harmful to the family. She and her girls have been through a lot with the separation and pending divorce. I thought it would be nice if I helped her clean their room to give them a fresh start this summer. It's a small room and her ex and mother love to buy the children so many toys. The girls don't have the space, so we started to down size their belongings. I never knew there were so many Bratz accessories. Blenders to marshmallow skewers. We found some interesting little things on that floor. A Bean and the tiniest freaking shoe. What the hell. It was small.