This Computer

Okay, I'm on vacation... for a month. I'm supposed to be relaxing near a pool with an umbrella or something sticking out of my drink. Right!?! Here we are, saving money for a trip to Mexico that won't be here until Christmas, My husband is working but will have some time off and here I am, checking my computer for e-mail that concerns DIVA or SMB for that matter. I think that I need to let go of it all for that matter, however karissa, who took vacation time too, is still working from home. I know this because she sent me an update on the RSS project. Payday is in a day... I can have fun money again and then the rest of it... bills, savings, the responsible things in life. Cash for everything. We paid off two "college" credit cards and I refuse to use plastic this summer. The upside for checking my e-mail constantly is that I get to blog since I'm sitting here already. Must go... breakfast is ready. Does any of this make sense. I think I'm rattling on. I have been down... not enough to do the last two days. I need to stay busy. My husband calls it being "bluesy". I'm going out side to fine tune my yard. That will keep me busy. I love that he knows right away when I'm having my little episodes...He cheers me up... I think overall I know that I'm not alone and can't fall into my little world because he knows where I'm at. I can't hide.