DIVA DRAMA (twice in one day)

Laup, during our meeting informed me that our third leg has not been truthful, again.

Third leg- co worker-the guy who does not return my calls/e-mails... same guy.

The third leg informed the "boss" that Laup had no intention in taking over Lewis's project with him. The third led said that he was the only one interested in it and even trained for it. What a load of crap. Laup was trained by Lewis himself, and was told by Lewis that he had chosen Myself and Laup to take over. The "Boss" and the third leg had other plans. When Laup talked to the boss about the project, the boss said he had no idea that he was trained for it and that he was interested. Someone is lying. The "Boss" or the third leg. I cant's wait to confront this guy with everything. He wants to "get along and work well with us." SO ACT LIKE IT! The boss babies him, but needs us more. What will it be. We'll see.


Laup informed me that he had a bad week. His uncle died, after being on the road to recovery from some heart problems. He also had his wisdom teeth taken out. They had to dig into his jaw bone.

I hadn't talk to him since vacation started. We had a bushiness meeting at Starbucks at our local Barns and Nobles. His wife and my husband also attended. We traded information and planed the future. We also discuss life, children and what we are doing for 4th of July. I think they are coming over to my parents house for their block party.

I think "Jennifer's" family is going to be attendance as well. I adore Laup's wife. She is witty, strong and great to get along with. I'm not good with other women, but this group of ladies I hang with are great. We all get along pretty well.

Laup if your read this you are in our thoughts.

Babies and cigarettes

Lucy informed me that her sister "Manice" is going to do something so folksy, I don't even know were to start. Manice is going to blow cigarette smoke in order to open the child's tear duct. I know, I know this sounds stupid. It's hard putting it into words. The doctor said that the baby will grow and her tear duct will open. However, her friend "Tulip" told her that her grandmother did this procedure with a cousin and it worked. "What the Hell!!" SO Manice is going to try this. When I asked Lucy if herm Manice's husband knew about this she said yes...he's the one going to do the puffing. When asked by Lucy about the harmful effects to the infants lungs, her response was "she lives in California, there is smog here already."


DIVA Drama

Okay, I know I'm on vacation, but things need to happen whether I'm swimming and sipping a nice margarita or not. I tried to contact that co-worker of mine and he won't respond back. I called his office, and left a message with the secretary... called his home and left a message on his machine... sent an e-mail that was sent back- to much e-mail in his in box... all on Wednesday the 29th of June. Yesterday, Thursday, I called his house and ... well... left a message with his mom. I now have sent an e-mail today. Hopefully he has emptied some of it. Hell, that was one of the things I left in his messages... clean out that mail box.

5 attempts of contact in 3 days.
Contacts back 0


He called. He was busy with his son's swim meets. I received my answer, not what I wanted to hear, but damn it, I was answered.