Random Thoughts

I envy those with children, yet I love my freedom.

My husband and I did absolutely nothing all day. We had breakfast after waking up at 9:00 am. He then went back to bed and fell asleep after feeding all the animals. I went on to redo my nail polish on my toenails and buffed out my fingernails. I then came on line to blog about last nights Happy Hour. My husband worked on his IPOD, I got on the other computer and checked my e-mail. Karissa wants to have a "ladies" lunch next week. Time to check our schedules. I think this will be fun. Time out from our current lives... Although mine life is "no worries" at the moment. I took a shower and then proceeded to straighten my hair out. We went to Target, World Market and ate Lunch /Dinner at Souplantaion. We sat near a couple with newborn twins. Sigh. A little boy and girl. I want some and then again that couple came in after us and left before us. They swallowed their food down and then they were off. Too fast. I like my easy going life. Plus I love my career. I want the top damn it. I refuse to put my child in the care of someone else. SO ... All or nothing. Tomorrow planting mre rose bushes. Right now, clean this office, listen to my husband play piano and sing , and print out some pictures so I can scrapbook. I love our life right now. It's wonderful ... I love my husband.

"Families with babies and families without are so sorry for each other." - Ed Howe

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