Music from the Yard

Two houses down the owner built a stage for his band. Well his band fell apart last October... but as we drove up to our house, there he was with some other guys singing and playing music.

Heart and soul
Latin rock
Feel the latin soul
take the funky move
do the gangster walk
rock the latin soul

or something like that. The rhythm is good... the lyrics need work and so does the singing. The song writer and lead vocalist was a bit of a diva and they dismissed him. So now they have to work on replacing that role.

Karissa arranged out "working" lunch. It's time to plan for the next fiscal year. We will take over. Since it's a girls lunch, Laup will not be in attendance, however he will be included in the take over.


Why do people tend to pretend? Not in an imaginary sense, but in a "my life is great and people love me" sense. The who notion of "I can do no harm". Lucy just called this morning. To tell me about her mom. You see her mom just called her. Her mother called to tell her that the home Lucy lives in will be put up for sale and Lucy will in essence, be homeless... unless she moves into a house her mother is buying right next door to her. CHEAP SHOT. Lucy hates this idea. The more distance between them the better. They get along more. Her mother married a new guy who's into buying real estate. He is also into looking at Lucy in a non "stepfather" type of way....ew. We have to brainstorm.... hopefully Manice, Lucy's sister will take the bait... her mom also offered her the "new house", but will purchase another around the block to keep the "family" together. One word..."Therapy".

Although confertation, a hissy fit, or some other way may help.