Okay, I've neglected my blog lately.... I've been busy.

My father had a party last Sunday... It was great. We were able to hang around some friends that we hadn't seen in a long time. This couple is great. They are so in love and complement each other. My husband and I like them because they are laid back, never bicker in public ( at least not in front of us) and ... Well how can I put it ... Perfect. I know using the word perfect is strong, but to me perfect contains all the human flaws that are natural in life. So I guess perfect is not perfect under my views, but then again "my life... My story". He is a great artist. He's thinking of selling some of his work. I think he could make a nice little living on his work. A friend of my husband sold a painting for $200. I'm sure he could pull in the same.

I have been scrappbooking up a storm. I bought a nice rectangular fold up table to use. I lay out all my stuff on it, wheel out my storage unit and start scrapping... While watching "Bride and Pedjudice". I love this movie... So much it has inspired me to re read the novel, "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austin, again.

It's been very hot and I have not been doing much gardening. I water at 9 or 10 at night and my poor plants look taxed.

I Lucy news, her husband in dumb. He wants custody of the children so he can receive child support from her instead and yet he only sees the children 5% of time of which the court has ordered him to spend with his kids. Her mother bought the house next door to her and is going to sell Lucy's home, forcing her to move into the "holding pen" or moving into a one room apartment.