I'm working on another painting. It's the first pattern, I'm going to blend the images into each other once I have the first layer down.

My aunt from Idaho was down. I don't care for her husband at all. My mother thinks my aunt has lost herself. She could not place it. I told her that my aunt was "Unrefined". She is going to remarry her husband in a few years. She wants a full blown wedding. It's going to be such a culture clash. Very Darcy/Bennetish... better yet Cosby/Married with Childrenish.


This is what we have to deal with at our house. We have a small ranch and all of these vermin have made our home their home. We never in the 24 years I have lived here had a this problem. The squirrels thought they could take over, but we are at 42 now. The rabbit's are okay. They trim the grass.

Watch your damn kids!! Blurry

These two kids were hitting the neighbors trucks with rocks. My husband scared them off. Hopefully they fell running down the other side of the hill and broke something... don't get me wrong, I love kids... just sometimes. This was not the time. Where the hell was their mom of dad? They did this twice. The first time I took pictures and the second my husband scared them away. I took these pictures about an acre away... 32x zoom.

Yummy - Leftovers

We had leftovers for dinner tonight. Mushrooms and pineapples - from our make your own pizza night, the rice was fresh, but the tomato sauce and tomatoes were from our own garden, so was the squash. A mango that was sitting in the fridge. The meat, from the freezer. Put everything on a BBQ and you have a masterpiece. Yummy.