Nice Water Feature

Today my brother called me.

Me: Hello?
He: It's your brother.
Me: Hellooo Brother!
He: I need you to come to mom's house, there's a situation.
Me: What kind of situation, What happened?
My Head: Did the house get broken into, is the chihuahua dead?
He: A pipe broke in (our little brothers) bathroom an flooded the top and bottom floors.
Me: What?!?
He: Come over, mom's on her way, you might need to be here to console her.
Me: I'm on my way.

I got to my mom and dads house. The front door was open and I walked in. I walked into the entertainment room and there was my mom and little brother standing watching all the water drip from the ceiling into pots of water. My mom was okay. When my brother called her she thought something had happened to him. This was nothing compared to that thought. She and I went to rent a machine that sucked the water up from the carpet, while my dad drove home from work. California Freeways. He did the sweetest thing, while my mom, brothers and husband moved the wet furniture out my dad picked up In-and -Out for everyone. We ate dinner and started the clean up while my dad fixed the pipe. Thank goodness for insurance.

I alone with the rental machine took up 10 gallons of water off the carpet.

More on this later. I have to go to bed... I'm going to have my hair cut, styled and colored tomorrow. Lucy is going with me. Wish me luck.