On a lighter note...

Besides taking pictures of the damage, I also took this picture at my parents.

The House- the

The pipe broke on the second floor, the insurance crew came and now we have this... 48 hours later .

The pictures in clock order, are second floor game room, "dryer" entertainment room and the ceiling in the entertainment room.

The House... in the middle of water. The House in the middle of heat...

Hair, court, no walls

My hair cut came out great.

I went to court with Lucy. The court house is over 100 years old. They have a lot of the original decor and architecture there. One thing... When I looked up at the stain glass ceiling in the stair well.... I saw dead rats. Their little bodies and tails.... Not moving. How fitting.

My parents are now with out a ceiling in the entertainment room and their walls were carved out too. A picture will be posted soon.