Some random pictures to end the Night

From top to bottom... Lucy's Birthday gifts and cake at my parents... her beauty gift...and of course our little Timba.

My cat is asleep, the fan is cooling the air and my husband is cleaning out his dresser while listening to his IPod... life is great.

Arrrrggggggg!!!!!! With an H?

Who is really running our company? This morning when we had our client info junket the main bosses were late. I had to give the orders to have the event start.... This is the most un organized venture ever. Now that our company is in full swing on all the accounts the stuff that comes out of HIS mouth, is really hitting the fan. He lied to a team partner and I and then lied again to change his story. We are not stupid... damn it. Another division of the company took some funds from us and I had to go in and either get it back or negotiate a fair trade of services and goods. That took all day... (play circus song in your head) . I had four meetings on top of that. Sigh. Is this why we don't have kids? To sum it up.... people are talk and others actually put their ass out on the line with you.

The drive home.... ahh the drive home.... picture gridlock in LA.

My "summer" resolution was to come home and leave it at work and what ever came home with me.... dump it right here.

I came home and made fried chicken and mash potatoes for my husband... and a hot wing type sauce. We went outside, he watered the tomatoes and pumpkins... I brushed my dog and mowed the grass.... as it got dark I put on the sprinklers and came inside. Here I am... I feel so much better.

I think I'll upload my recent pictures of the baby.

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