Why are you making that face?

Yes, these are the words my husband just asked. I had my hands on the keyboard, and well, I was not typing. I was just sitting here "making that face". (deep breath... here I go) Lucy was in the hospital this week, I took her home to my mom's. My mom's house is finally repaired like new, I have to move out of my house soon... an offer for the land is in the works, My work is getting very political and sometimes I think if I just went into politics, life would be easier.

On the upside... My husband purchased two VIP tickets to see Albita at the Conga Room. I'm so excited. We went out tonight to buy outfits for the event. I bought knee high kitten heel boots and a cute top. I have so much in my head to write, but I just become fatigued thinking about it all. Friday... 5:00 pm.... I can't wait!!

Random thoughts segment

Laup had the flu this week
Lucy + mom(Stress)+migraine Meds= hospital
Manice was no help (lucy's sister)
Karissa's trip to pyramid and castle land did not fair out well
I LOVE MY HUSBAND~~~Happy anniversary
I need a house... not a cottage(note to husband)
I need to color my hair again
I would like to see the sun on a more regular basis
sigh... I need to go and clean our bedroom... I need an outfit for tomorrow, press photo shoot.