I'm cleaning the office and listening to KFI AM 640 on my computer via streaming. I heard a man crying on the radio. His mom died. Katrina. She (called) him everyday for four day, starting on Monday, and asked if help was on the way. She drowned on Friday.

I'm finally putting together an earthquake backpack. This backpack will stay with me at work and I'm going to put together an earthquake shed. Supplies for my husband, myself and our pets.

Water and food to last at least three days (your car trunk is a handy place for these bulky items).
Water purification tablets
Heavy-duty gloves
A first-aid kit
A minimum of $100 in cash (automated teller machines and banks may be shut down following a quake)
Family photos and descriptions (to aid emergency personnel in finding missing people)
A flashlight and portable (or solar-powered) radio
Extra batteries
Goggles and dust mask
A personal commode with sanitary bags

A major fault line passes in the distance of our home. It's visible from my mother's house on the mountains around our valley.

On a more up note, we had a Labor Day/Anniversary BBQ today at my mom's. Lucy and the girls came over. The BBQ was great and the cake was YUMMY!!