I have to move soon... I think I mentioned that already on this blog. Progress.

Lucy will be moving again. To her dad's. I think she is going to cut all ties to her mom. Her and the kids are going to stay with her dad until she can get on her feet. It was good to hear her laugh this weekend. It was a real laugh... not one of those evil... just wait and see laughs. Her mom has lost it. This new guy she is married to has changed her. Her mother has been married to this new guy for a year and they already own 5 homes between the two of them. His original home is in his name only. Her original home ( the one Lucy was kicked out of originally) is in both their names. What does she own on her own... nothing. Tell me something is not right here.

Work.. My boss was in charge of arranging an on site training and well, let's just say he started the ball rolling and then went to go play a new game. So here I am trying to finish the game. I have kept all the e-mails and made sure everything he has given me has been time stamped. So if it all falls through He taking the fall first. DOCUMENT everything. Nice weekend, but here we go again.

I have posted a lot this weekend, probably because I have no time during the week. So my ideas have been scattered.

My weekend with my husband has been great.

Wedding Vows - Anniv. weekend ...ends

31 Agosto 2002

this ring represents my love for you
like the roots of the tree from which it was born
rooted in struggle for dignity and compassion
fueled by love
that’s my commitment to you
like the resistance and souls of TaĆ­nos and Maya
the syncopated rhythms of West Africa
all resonate with the one constant:
that our love is
that life is for living
and love, truly love … unselfishly
is to realize this
and when we live; in peace,
it will be with love
and we when we struggle; it will be with love
and not just love as an abstract
BUT as a creative, progressive movement
to be one another’s smile

-My husband

Some Pictures From Aug. and Sept.

Back Yard Bees

Nascar Drift

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