oh... that's right... her mom lives next door. Mom... that word is deep...mom... my mom is a mom... her mom is her new husbands wife. Posted by Picasa

And why is Lucy moving back into the city... away from this gorgeous place? Posted by Picasa

ok... she's only been here for a few days and she is already having the police drive by. Cul de Sac...mind you. Is it me or do all the homes look alike? Posted by Picasa

A photo from Lucy's toliet. I hope the neighbors don't peek over the fence. Posted by Picasa

Catholic Custom... flowers are given to the Virgin Mary. Posted by Picasa

Stained glass window. My husband's "sister" was married in this church.  Posted by Picasa


At this moment I have realized that Lewis and Ms. Arizona are gone. I'm running ECA. Our company has many departments. Everyone in my particular group is involved, leading and creating at our site. We are definitely the blood that keeps the site going. ECA deals with the Lawyers for our company. Every day people have been coming to me with problems, questions and complaints. There used to be three of us. Now I'm the only one trained for this. Hell, I'm not even really well trained. A co-worker of mine e-mailed me and told me he could not work on this next project with my group. First of all, I never knew he was included ( a la the Boss) and second he said that the outside contractor kept e-mailing him. First of all, the all so important e-mails were just forwards from the boss... not the contractor herself... I should know this... I received the same e-mails.... he fought me the whole way...he is special... yes... in more ways then one. Sigh. I can't wait till happy hour. We have a trade show to prepare for. Tomorrow is the trial run. We are also having another photo op. Friday ... red, white and blue day. I need to go shopping.

On the family front... no news. Everyone is doing well. My husband is sick, he stayed home today. As I type, he is recording his latest song.... cured? : )

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