My feet hurt

My cat has allergies... his eye looks like shit. I've been giving him his meds... and it still looks like shit. My feet hurt, my eyes are heavy. My husband told me to go to bed as soon as I walked in. Damn, do I look that bad. He sounded displeased. I held my ground and put on a happy face and said practically nothing of my day. Instead I asked about his music and asked to hear his latest recording. I put my almost 14 hour day aside and made the moment about him. I know it's hard on him. So I make the adjustment. Happy husband... happy wife. I know he would swim shark infested waters to get me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Life is about choosing your battles. I chose to make the rest of my night peaceful. As I write he is cleaning the kitchen and playing my type of music off the IPOD. Sigh. I feel better. Long day filled with people from different walks of life. Sell the company...sell the team...sell, sell ,sell.

On a different note, we sat near some horrible kids during our business dinner and their parents should be fined and thrown in jail.

Lucy has a suitor. A man that works on another team in my company. He's as old as our dads and has a daughter our age. I said ....What the hell. Her words ... what the hell. Over all "what the hell"? He told Karissa about his first time touching breasts. What the hell - Karissa Fejen2 was surprised too...

Okay I'm tired... I feel better. Long day, this post is all over the place, oh well. When I read this tomorrow I'll literally see my state of mind. This should be interesting. 14 hours ... lots of stuff happened... but that's all behind now. Good night.