Mood... not good.

I came home early today. When I say early I mean close to 4:30. I set up for the meeting on Monday. The firm is putting on this huge meeting on Monday. My boss had no idea that I and Laup were also invited. You would think he would of known that we had our fingers on this project. We put in our forms in June. Ow..... my leg hurts. I just had another pain shoot up it. Ok, I just sat here staring at the computer for a good minute. Blank. Sigh.

On another note my husband and I moved so money into an account for our December Vacation. The money has not posted yet and the price is low... right now. Will the price hold till Monday? He's not to happy about it. That and other things (read his blog) are bringing him down. sigh. I came home early today.

I'm sitting here in the dark typing. We had dinner. It's still light out there. Black curtains. Maybe I'll go outside.