Ok ... here we go, must explain last post

Yesterday my brother was at the mall with person I had cut ties with. She happened to be in my wedding party. I liked her a lot, however, things began to change. She started to move into my family. She began to take my place. I was married and my mother was without a daughter at the moment. I had also started my current job the week before the wedding. I was very busy. She made friends with Lucy too. Ok... That's the back ground.

I had to replay all the reasons I took her out of my life. I was telling my husband it all does not seem real. It's almost as if I want to forget and rewrite history. I barely threw away the e-mails two months ago that sealed the fate of our friendship. I had them printed out on the fridge... they were there to remind me of her problems.

I want to blog these reasons because I want to remember the reasons... to keep her away.

She would tell Lucy stories on a subject or matter in her life, then she would turn around and tell me something completely different. She would even tell us different things about each other. Lucy and I at this time had been together for 15 years. There was no way she would come between us. Lucy and I compared notes and found all the lies and holes in her stories.

She began obsessing with my uncle, yet going out with my brother.

When asked if Lucy's kids were hers, she would say yes. She called Lucy's 7 year old a "ugly frog" and the youngest a pretty Princess.

She never said "hi" or talked to my husband. He saw right through her. She would tell my mother stories and tell us a different version.

She asked if my mom was going to her going away"happy hour" party when she left my mom's work place. When my mom said no, she stated that she(my mom) would for me ( go to the party if it was mine) but not hers. Well duh... I'm her DAUGHTER!

She wanted my family, my friends... my life. She wanted Lucy's kids and fun flare.

One last thing. When I took her home one night she said " your mom used to take you to she this guy in the hospital before he died when you and your brother were very small." "Do you remember who he was?" "Your mom did not elaborate and I was curious." At his point I new she was sick in the head. I have no memory of this. I never told my mom about this. When she asked I knew my husband was right and cut my ties to her. She scared me. There was something evil about this question. It felt evil. I don't use that word often. I don't think I have ever told anyone besides my husband and Lucy about this.

I'm having her banned from my work place. Lucy and I work in the same building.