Last nights party

My grandmother turned 79. We were going to have her dinner at the Mission Inn, however my cousin the fireman did not come through on organizing that. My cousin came in from the mid west with his partner and told my cousin the fireman to call everyone... he didn't. His mom had to pick up the slack. Long story short... it was at the "Outback". Starting to my right.... My husband, My "Mall" brother, my little brother (other side of the table) my dad, my mom, my cousin the fireman, his new flavor of the month, my fireman's half brother (my cousin), their sister rose ( the reason for this blog... December) her husband, my mid west cousin's partner, my mid west cousin, his mom (my dad's sister...they don't talk to each other) My grandma, her husband, Mid west little half sister, my small cousin (fire family), fires mom, Mid west little half brother (little = early college) fires other sister and me.


It was great. We ate laughed and talked. Some how all the "college" cousins ended up at our end of the tables. We figured there was about $ 200,000+ in student loan dept at our table. I love that family... my aunts are married and remarried women my dad is great... everyone shows them so much respect.... the cousins. My mom was the only one that was properly introduced to the partner. She walked in late. She was going to see my aunt in Arizona...her ride (her older sister) was running late.

Back to the party... my cousins all yelled... "auntie is here!" My fireman cousin said that going to our house was like going to fantasy land. He always wanted to come over. Mind you, he had all the toys, games... everything. He wanted to come play with our second hand toys? He wanted to come over and play with our family. My aunt separated from his dad and my grandma was raising him. We also took care of the Midwest cousin when he was younger... his mom (my aunt) also left his dad and he was also raised by my grandma. Both aunt's remarried (one re divorced) and made more cousins.

We are going to have cake today at noon.