Real Quick

We made homemade pizza's for dinner today. My husband came to pick me up from work today and we watered our plants. We lead a simple life when it comes to the week days. Weekends are our fun days, however sometimes they do come with work. Last night I scrap booked some more. I have been doing a little every night in order to de stress. Work is going smoothly. Lots of stuff to do and little or no time to do it in. Without our Ms. Arizona, I have been taking up a lot of the slack. Oh my, I wish I new the laws a little better. Well, I'm looking at my cat in the hallway, my husband is going through his new playlist on his I pod and I'm about to go put laundry away. As my co-workers say... you don't have kids. That's right.

Happy New Year Karissa!

I have some pictures I want to upload... maybe tomorrow.