It's early

I can't sleep... I was supposed to go to scheduled event today, job related. Well It started at 8:00 and I'm here typing. I struggled with obligation vs. need. When I say need I mean my needs. I need to clean the house, I need to do laundry, I need to buy cat food, wash the truck, play with my dog, take may grandma's photos to her and visit my mom. I guess I need to spend time ding the things I need to do. So even though I may appear flaky to those at the event, at least I will feel better about all the little things I needed to get done. Sigh. I feel better about the decision now. Hopefully no one will miss me.

On another note, we had happy hour last night. It was great. The food was great, the drinks.... yummy. We as a group bonded a little more with the new comers.

The "co worker" pissed off one of the Nenns. I told her she should not be so nice to him. He heard her wrong took it out on her project, just to come back and say "are we cool?" what the hell.

That's all. I'm going to go have some cereal.

Yes, my husband and I play board games... I thought that was normal. : )