okay... where have I been?

Life is a roller coaster right now. Two meetings with clients tomorrow, one with a our sister companies... one with the boss today to get new computers for their dept, getting ready for a campaign, a meeting with my office today, other "teams" sending over their problems to solve...what the hell today is Wed. I have brought no work home for the last few days.... I think it's time. I fumbled this morning and had to recover. I need to be better organized. A trip was canceled for my "dept." and If I go I have to go with a small team.... from 8 down to 3. Sigh. Oh I also to my husband to an "emergency appointment at urgent care at 8:30 at night and did laundry. I came home bought pizza, cleaned the bunny cage, cleaned the living room and watched a movie (while eating and cleaning). Thank goodness my husband did the rest of the laundry. He even cleaned the kitchen. All this in three days... should we have children... oh heck no!!! When would I see them?

But every day I play with my new pet bunny. I adore him. Two more days till the weekend.

Wow... my sentence structure above was horrendous. Oh well.