The last day

It was Lucy's last day at work. She is no longer working for my company. She has moved on to something that is more relevant to what she went to college for. I will miss her. We have been together off and on for 18 years... and now she's gone.

Listen to me.... I'll see her tomorrow. LOL

Anyways... work has been busy... I have to get moving... I took it slow for a few weeks... but now it's on. I'm ready for phase II of "taking over the world". He I come ladder... I will climb it and I will bust through any ceiling they give me. Sigh. I'm being silly.

Karissa came out of the "closet" today to some of our closest co-workers. At this time only four of us knew. When she told Laup, he asked "don't you already have enough rules in your life" and Mr. Shotglass stated "no, my ex wife was one" "we need to talk". She seemed liberated with coming out. I'm glad for her. I hope this leads to a life of fulfillment and happiness. It's a long journey if one does not have support, but she has our support.

I love my bunny, I must post pictures.