Rose is going to have a baby. This blog was created back in December of 2004, the topic, Rose and her marriage to that guy. Well, she's pregnant. She is only 21! My aunt, who is the baby of the family was upset because Rose and her husband can not afford this new addition. Besides my Uncles kids (who are the oldest of this family) non of us have kids. Not countion the high school on down cousins, the cousins that are between the ages 18-28, non of us have children... we are living life and obtaining our goals. At least that's how her mom see's it. Sigh... a baby. My husband and I don't have the time nor the money right now to live comfortably with a baby... yet here she is procreating. Enough said.

Some photos from my week

Random pictures.

A flower from one of my rose bushes. Posted by Picasa

Pic. 3 Posted by Picasa

Pic. 2 Posted by Picasa

They painted the wall in about two hours... I have been on the city to clean this wall up. It gets like this every 3-4 months. The wall is about 4-5 city blocks long. Green... they painted it green ?!? They probably did it for the new construction... not for us.  Posted by Picasa

He loves to play with all the cat furniture and toys. Posted by Picasa

He is tiny Posted by Picasa

Our new pet, Bongo the Bunny. Timba is not the baby anymore.  Posted by Picasa