In writing

The following post was written at a meeting I attended. I entertained myself by writing down everything I was thinking. Here is a bit of that mind flow.

Eight chairs, all winged back, sit there staring at me. I sit here listening to those who lives are spent in office cubicles. They talk of family, kids, and doctor appointments. I sit thinking "what the hell"? Their pumps all match their working girl outfits. The men walk around as if they are the kings of the night. The air smells empty, the temperature is warm. I sit and stare looking at all that is around it...oh someone else has noticed it's warm in here. My eyes scan the room looking at the cream walls, coffee color chair rail and toffee trim. The chairs have a purple pattern to them and the carpet changes color everytime the fibers are rubbed into a different direction. From the corner of my eye, it looks like a giant hand print on the floor, a print like those seen at a crime scene. The hugs and hand shakes, the vying for position ... it reminded me of a horse race.

The door opens. People empty the "chambers". A trickle at first... a man comes out that looks like a trout. The event begins, mics are turned on, people talk. My courtship with power begins. People wave, I smile back. The room fills with people. Matching scarves, pins and hair... processed. The people look at me, who is she and what does she want. A large woman sits infront of me, my view, blocked. The former president (who attended my wedding) sees me. He has known me since I was a kid. He hugs me, people take notice. Power. I like it too much.
But my power is not power. My bubble is small. I don't "rule" the world. I'm a small fish, but damn it I will be noticed. As I prepare for my presentation, I sit and practice in all in my head. My statement will be received, my face remembered. I will look at them all and say to myself... eni mini minee moe... who's job will I take ... it begins.

I have spoken and now and won one battle. My topic in which I was there to stand for...was taken and my request filled. Sigh. It's done.