Happy Hour - This picture was taken by Lucy's camera phone. She e-mailed it over. A "majic"man came by and had us rolling. He was telling jokes and making us balloon hearts and bears. He was comedy. Side note, Karissa had a great time on her "date" last night. My fingers are crossed.  Posted by Picasa

The boss-

It's time to go to war again. I'm a little tiffed at the man. He used my name... Wrongly. He stated that Red and Camper were not on the job and that I eluded that they were carrying on some affair. All lies. Yes workers complained to me that she was not doing her job, however I never had the chance to make a meeting about it with the "man". Someone else went to him and he pulled these two in and said I complained about them. Whoa.... I never had the chance to. Now they are mad... and It's not Camper... it's Barry she's playing with... DUH. So I'm going to have all of them pulled in and set this all straight. Let's see that man squirm.