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We are going to win the lotto... please.


The first duty of a revolutionary is to get away with it.

Abbie Hoffman

US radical activist (1936 - 1989)


Okay, I have a problem with too many females. Let me rephrase that, too many females that are not in control and do not have confidence to the point that they are annoying. I had a late afternoon meeting that went on for about an hour and and half. It would of taken 45 minutes, but every damn woman had to give their two cents. Without giving away my profession here is an example of what was being said ...

Woman one: I don't like the new way we have pie
Person Running Meeting: I will look into this new way
Woman two: we think pies should be made this way
Woman three: We don't like pies
Woman on the side: They had pies
Woman One: Well the pie was different at our site
Woman four: PRM can you look into other pies
PRM: Okay we will do a study on pies
ALL OVER THE DAMN ROOM: Pies are different, I don't think the pie is right ...BLAH BLAH BLAH.
The men are not saying a thing ... the PRM, he can't seem to take control.

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