These last two weeks have been hard. Bussiness meetings, meetings to clear my name (slander) and meetings for a full scale review.... I'm ready for another vacation. People were using my name again... but I fixed that. The person who did use my name in slanderous manner did not own up to it...but he's the boss. At least I cleared my name and he danced the "who me" dance. Then it came up again. Someone using my name. I will hunt this person down. Damn it. I do so much...for everyone. Are they envious? Of what ! They would not do the work, that's why I have to. Hmmm.... Then there are those who don't even know how to work. That's another story. The site is falling apart. Laup and I, plus our "gang", are trying to hold it together. We a have a strong, smart and savy group. But damn it, we are only a small part of the bigger picture. We can not do everything. I can not do everything..... Listen to me .... me... me. I can not do everything. Shit. I have to let things go. I have to let things go.

I just sat here staring at this. Sigh (deep breath) I do have to let things go. Fresh start on Friday.

If only I could live in photos... that's why I take them... to remember what I saw... becasue sometimes I don't have the time to live them out... I just live through them.

I drove up my drive way

On my way to work

The view from my back door

One Morning in my yard

One Morning in my yard

More Pictures from my bussiness trip

My Trip

I had to go on a bussiness trip with a few members of DIVA.
We stayed at a beautiful palce with amazing views and facilities.