The Real Picture

Sigh. It was one of those days. Let me put it this way... It's 7:58 and I have been in bed for about 40 minutes. Thank goodness for my wireless network. I updated two work Websites, read my gossip blogs and now am on my blog. All of this while I listen to the Rent Broadway soundtrack. I can't wait to see the movie. I have been listening to the soundtrack forever. I wanted to see it on stage, however we didn't have the money at the time for decent tickets.

I still have to upload some promotional pictures and arrange them. Do I do it now or later?

I have a big event tomorrow night. Sigh. Lets see how it goes.

Home front. He's asleep already.

Now that I have written this... I remembered the rabbit I saw on my birthday. At first I though, "what a great symbol of how I feel". Then I thought, no... I am better off then this rabbit and whatever I face I can pull through.