Shopping with mom and Lucy

It started out with me checking my email.
That's a purple rose I took a picture of at the Botanic Gardens.

Christmas in California.

Lucy, my mother, and I went shopping this morning. We picked up Lucy from the car dealership (her car was getting an oil change) and went to a nearby shopping plaza.

This looked like my moms car. No wonder the key did'nt work.

This was her car.

We went to




World Market


Barns and Nobles

We then took Lucy over to the dealership after we ate lunch.

She was so happy that her car was washed, her shoes flew off her feet.

No, really... um, how do I explain.... Ohh look at time. I have to get ready for a party...

next post ...later.

Ok... she had us pull over next to the dealership and instead of walking up the stairs from the street, she climed up the littler hill. well... let's say she "kissed" the grass. She was laying face down in the grass, shopping bags layed out next to her. Her shoes had flown off her feet, down next to the car. It was a great way to end a shopping day.