We leave for Mexico in two days. Our luggage is ready, our toiletry bag is packet and I'm starting to feel a little jumpy. A mix of the holidays and this trip I suppose. I have copies of the passports, I have contact information, I have everything done... Now to wait. Wait for Christmas morning or wait for the day after? What am I excited for? Which one.... Maybe that's why I feel so numb. I have no clue what to be hyper about. I'm just marking down the days. Don't get me wrong, I love both events coming up, just back to back... Wow. Finally the honeymoon I never had, finally my husband gets to travel, finally we get to fly together. I'm tiered of going on business trio with out him. We get to go somewhere together.

1. Something for mom (cross or glass)
2. Necklace for dad
3. The Producer brother (???)
4. Little brother (???)
5. Grandma (jewelry)