Merry Christmas

Christmas used to be a time of angst for me. It was hard to get in the "holiday spirit". This by far has been the best Christmas ever. I owe a lot of this to my husband. He has given back to me all that I have been giving out over the years. For the longest time I never knew why I felt this way. I just felt like tradition took over and the true meaning was left out. I have slowly regained that joy of Christmas over the last few years. It's no longer " another day". It's a new day, with life.

My day...

1. Went and bought coffee and hot chocolate for the family... no one on the road.
2. Watched the sun rise at my mom's
3. Opened presents
4. Watched TV
5. Had Christmas Breakfast
6. Grandpa came over
7. Lucy and the girls came over
8. Went home to get ready for grandma's
9. Took a quick picture with my husband and two of the four cats.
10. Put in a card for Grandma ( her gift will be from Mexico)
11. Went to grandma's
- My fathers sisters and their families were there
12. Ate dinner there
13. Came home and .... cleaned, packed, left lists for family

Ipod ... Check
Cameras .... Check
Passports and information forms ... Check

I think I'm ready.

My husband is packing as I write. My dad will be here at four in the morning. I need to be up by 2:30 am. I need to go to bed ... like now.

See ya in a week.