I have had some wild dreams this week.


I was walking in a mall, the lights we dim, I had high heels on and I was afraid I was going to fall. I had to get to a lower level. The escalator was out and I did not want to go down stairs in fear of falling. I finally found an escalator and went down stairs.

I then found myself outside in the street. It was dark. I was at a Picnic table with some H.S. friends. It was cold. People were drinking. Not to get drunk, but drinking. In the distance I saw fighter jets doing manuvers and yet others could not see them that well. The blended in with the night sky. Then a bunch of wierd people started to walk down the street towards us. Not in a group, but scatterd throughout the street. The guys at our table stood up, as to sheild us from their eyes. Then as they passed us our guys sat down. I looked up and saw a blimp. It was coing down fast and I thought that it was going to crash... I then saw a man jumping out and floating to safty. The blimp crashed and blew up. I again was the only one to notice... then I woke up.

Last few days

I have not posted in days.

Coming back from vacation and starting work was real hard.

We had a great New Year Party. Well actually, we went to the "Crosses" They had a bash at their house. We had a great time. Everyone was there from work. Everyone except Karissa. They were in Paris. Her and her boyfriend are going to our next event. They were sad that they had missed it.

Work has been non stop and yesterday at home was a total melt down. It was like watching a candle being covered with a clear glass lid. The flame slowly dimmed down, fighting for air to grow back to it's warm blaze, it shrinks down to a few glowing embers until it is dark, a slight stream of smoke streaming off the top. That's how I felt.

So this morning after 5 hours of sleep ( I am such a 8 hr. Person) I got up and said F*@# it all. I'm going to do what I need to do and what happens, happens. It's all going to be left to fate.

Overall today has been good. I am home, I had a burger for dinner and my husband is recording song in the "studio" with his friend. The studio is in a little apt. on our property. This gives me time to blog, do some work and think.

I feel good right now. yesterday at this very moment I felt like shit. . .

I feel another headache coming on. I need to see a doctor about them. I honestly don't think much of them, however my husband worries.

Well, the cats are all around me and I said all that I wanted. New topic.