Another day

Yesterday my husband and I went over to my grandmothers house. She lived with and cared for my great grandmother. We took the Pink Virgin candle over and lit it. We placed it the little alter in the back yard. That alter has been there forever. I don't ever remember a time with out it. My great grandma died in her sleep. I got the call at lunch.

My grandma called her brother, they called the coroner, and they told her to call the cops first. She did. They called the corner... Procedures. While the coroner was there the neighbor caught wind of what happened. He went down to a restaurant that has been a staple in the community for generations and told them. When the coroner left the restaurant brought over trays of food.

We left when my parents left. They came over too. My two aunt's stayed a while longer.

When I got home I realized the family was bigger then mine. It always felt like my grandma was her only child and that her kids (my dad) where the only grandchildren and we were the only great grand children. We were the only one's who ever visited her... Every holiday. Wow.... I'm not going to know half of these people. Sigh...

I'm in charge of the Memory Board.

The cemetery was really nice. The embalmer is my grandmothers husbands godson. He had the cemetery comp the headstone (with engravings) and a few other things.

I'm listening to Rent (Broadway) soundtrack. and my husband playing piano in the background.

work.... Incompetent. That sums it up.